Do NTP's precipitate with ethanol? How efficiently?

CK Wen cwen at
Sat Feb 10 11:11:59 EST 1996

Dave Hollingworth <d-hollin at> wrote:
>If you do an ethanol precipitation on a mixture of NTP's and DNA
>do they both go into the pellet? Do the conditions for precipitation 
>matter (different salts, temperatures etc....). Is there a better way
>of precipitating NTP's?
Dear Dave:
  I do not think dNTPs precipitate with the DNA, though no direct 
evidence can be provided to you.  Just think that when we prepare
P32-end-labeled DNA probes, the gamma-P32-ATP is removed after ethanol
precipitation.  Also, if you EtOH ppt your alpha-P32-lableled DNA 
probes, you may get "hot" sup which indicates that the free dCTP is in
the EtOH phase.  After several EtOH washes, the sup is never hot and the
pellet should be the labeled DNA.

  Hope this help.



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