Which kit for cleaning PCR products?

Moosemeister moose at waite.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Feb 12 00:58:30 EST 1996

In article <DM12Dp.Kuu at world.std.com>, oravaxcm at world.std.com (Charles A
Miller) wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could
> tell me (especially if they have used both) which gave the best results
> as far as recovery, use of PCR products in further steps such as 
> restriction digestion and ligation, etc. I have heard a little about the
> Wizard kit concerning the fact that they changed the resin a couple years
> ago to avoid a lawsuit
Yep, from Bio-Rad.

> and that the previous resin was better.
Sure was.
I lost lots of PCR products thanks to the Wizard PCR kit. Since then I've
been using homemade stuff. One of the recipe is in last year's TIG. It's
in January volume. Sorry but I don't have the copy at hand but it sure
worked for a tidy sum of money.

> Any comments are appreciated!
> Chuck Miller
> oravaxcm at world.std.com

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