Help! Reusing Qiagen-tip

Torsten Boerchers borcher at
Sun Feb 11 10:15:18 EST 1996

Dear Morten,

in such situation its always the best to
check the bionet archive. This is easiest
done by moving to

and there to the subtopic:

Access the BIOSCI/bionet Newsgroups 

There you can pick up the relevant newsgroup
and do a full text search.

Another link (but not restricted to bionet)
is Dejanews at

By this means you can at any time take advantage
of the huge amount of information stored in the

Hope this helps

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morten.lukacs at (Morten Lukacs) wrote:
>Hi folks!
>Sometime a go I read a lot of stuff about reusing Qiagen-tips!
>But I didn't care to make printouts of this since we didn't use Qiagen-tips!
>But of course we are now using them, so can any of U help me about this 
>little "problem"!

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