PCR from blood samples

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: >Anyone, 
: >I want to do PCR from whole blood.  There are several kits 
: >available for isolating genomic DNA from blood, but I was 
: >wondering if anyone has a method to isolate small amounts of DNA 
: >from finger-prick blood samples, (rather than having to draw 
: >blood), since a small amount of DNA would be needed for PCR.  
: >Does anyone have experience doing it that way?

Have you tried Chelex? See:

Walsh, P.S., Metzger, D.A., and Higuchi, R. 1991. Chelex 100 as a
medium for simple extraction of DNA for PCR-based typing from forensic
material. BioTechniques 10:506-513.

This procedure is presented for use on forensic samples, such as dried
blood stains, but it works great on fresh blood, too. We use about 3ul
of blood to screen transgenic mice by PCR; see: BioTechniques
19:690-691 (Nov 1995).

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