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> Does anyone have any protocols for studying chemotaxis of human 
> monocytes?  We have searched the literature but none of the protocols 
> are very clear.  
> Thanks in advance for any help

The basic reference to the protocol that we use is:

Falk, W., Goodwin Jr., R. H., Leonard, E. J. 1980. A 48-well
microchemotaxis assay for rapid and accurate measurement of leukocyte
chemotaxis. J. Immunol. Methods 33:239-245

We use some variations for a fluorescence microplate reader, so we don't
have to count cells manually.  The chambers are from Neuroprobe, Cabin
John MD, 301-229-8598 fax: -8938. They are pricey, but i don't know of
good alternatives.

Good luck,

Cliff Beall
Ohio State Neurobiotechnology Center

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