E.coli strain availability?

Michael R. Frank frank at lfc.edu
Tue Feb 13 00:41:07 EST 1996

I'm teaching a genetics/molbiol course, and I had planned to do a 
few experiments from Miller's "Experiments in Molecular Genetics" 
(1972 Cold Spring Harbor Press). I had assumed most of the bacterial 
strains were standard, readily available, etc. Turns out not to be 
the case. Apparently there is no easy mechanism to get CSH strains 
(such as those listed in the book as CSH57, CSH61, CSH62) from CSH, 
and no good crossreference to ATCC strains (although some could 
probably substitute...). I do have queries in to both places, but no 
reply yet.

Anyway, does anyone know either where to get these or what ATCC 
strains correspond?


Michael R. Frank
Dept. of Biology
Lake Forest College
Lake Forest IL
frank at lfc.edu

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