Extracting from agarose (Re: Which kit for cleaning PCR products?)

K J C 944 kjc944 at aol.com
Tue Feb 13 00:00:52 EST 1996

An inexpensive way to clean up PCR products:

EtOH ppt then resuspend in a small volume of TE.  Run out on a gel.  Cut
out band and load onto the top of a P-200 aerosol resistant tip which has
been cut to fit into a microfuge tube.  Spin 45 s.  Discard tip, bring up
volume to 100uL, and EtOh precip using 7.5 M  NH4Cl.

I've successfully cloned and sequenced PCR products that have been cleaned
up by this method.

Kathryn J. Coyne
University of Delaware
College of Marine Sciences
Lewes, DE  19958

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