Ethidium bromide and clothes

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Mon Feb 12 12:34:14 EST 1996

hopkinsc at (Hopkins, Charlotte) wrote:
>Can anyone help me please.  I spilt 0.5x TBE buffer containing Ethidium 
>Bromide (200mg in 2.5 litres) on myself the other day.   The jeans went into 
>the wash for a couple of cycles as soon as they could.  Does anyone know if 
>they will be alright to wear, or should I just throw them away? 

This happened to me about a year ago - except that it was a spot of
concentrated EtBr on my shirt sleeve. I was pretty upset for a while, but
decided to keep the shirt 'cause I liked it and 'cause I'm a poor student and
all my "extra money" (ha!) went into my motorcycle. The only strange thing was
that in a few months, there was this tattoo of a lizard on my left arm, about
where the spot had been. I never really assocaited the two events before....


Susan Jane Hogarth

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