extracting RNA from bone

SG Edwards sge1 at york.ac.uk
Tue Feb 13 12:12:49 EST 1996

Here we have a grad student extracting DNA from bone and he has a simple 
device for smashing bone to dust which works well.  It is basically a 
piece of stainless steel bar ca. 20 mm diameter by 50 mm long.  In this a 
10mm diameter by 40 mm hole was milled out.  the only other things you 
need is a 10 mm diameter by 50 mm steel bar to snugly fit in this hole 
and a hammer.  Fragments of bone are placed in the hole. The bar inserted 
in the hole and hit hard a couple of times with a hammer.  There is very 
little heat generated and the dust is placed straight into extraction 
buffer.  The equipment can be cleaned using decon and acid treatment.  
The steel bars are relative cheap you just need someone to mill out the 
hole for you.

On 12 Feb 1996, Sue Shapses wrote:

> Hi. I was hoping someone could help regarding the process of breaking 
> down the bone prior to an RNA extraction.  A Freezer Mill is the best way 
> to do this but I don't have one nor does anyone I know.  I was planning to
> try placing the bones in liquid N and then using mortar and pestel. 
> Does anyone know if this will work?
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