Square Phage plating plates.

DANIEL Y KIM dkim at nmsu.edu
Fri Feb 9 13:48:19 EST 1996

In article <4fe2vh$im4 at nntp3.u.washington.edu> gregs at u.washington.edu (Greg Schaefer) writes:
>I'm getting materials together to build a lambda library, and cannot find 
>square plates with 20cm sides (length, not height).  I've tried the big 
>catalogs and calling Falcon with no success.  These plates exist- my boss
>claims to have used them, and I've seen them in a picture in a book! 
>Any info on source would be great, sorry if this is a faq.

I think you are looking for NUNC plates.  Nunc sells these in a variety 
of sizes, including a 24 x 24 cm square.  Millipore sells membranes that 
fit them for lifts. 

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu

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