Ligase PCR

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Tue Feb 13 11:30:43 EST 1996

In Article <4fntv4$sbr at>, Gerome Breen <t01gdo at> wrote:
>Does anyone have info on LCR's optimisation, protocols, etc or know of a 
>site with a detailed protocol for it? Is replenishing the ligase 
>necessary or can it be avoided? (I am using it in the RED - repeat 
>expansion detection - assay.)
>                      Thanks in Advance,
>                               Gerome Breen
>                               <t01gdo at>
Epicentre recently opened a web site but I haven't checked for a protocol
yet.  They do have product information so they should have something about
their product "Ampligase".  I don't know about the conditiond for the repeat 
expansion detection - assay but we don't replenish the enzyme in our LCR.

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