Wrong buffer with restriction enzyme

bbraun at ucla.edu bbraun at ucla.edu
Wed Feb 14 01:32:03 EST 1996


This should work fine.  My only thoughts are to be sure to
include carrier tRNA or glycogenif the DNA quantity is not
high, and to wash the pellet at least once with 70% EtOH
to remove any residual salt.

If the correct buffer has more salt than the buffer you added,
it is also possible to simply adjust the salt concentration by
adding the appropriate salt to the digest.

Good luck,

Benjamin Braun

In <3121175B.822 at cygnus.tamu.edu>, Rodney Earl Pettway <pettway at cygnus.tamu.edu> writes:
>I really made a dumb mistake.  I was attempting to digest some 
>really valuable DNA and I realized that I had added the wrong 
>buffer.  One good thing is that I had not added the enzyme yet.  I 
>decided to precipitate the DNA and recover it and try and digest it 
>this time with the right buffer.  Will this work.  Will the 
>precipitation step that I added get rid of all of the buffer that I 
>don't want??????  HHHEEEEEEELLLPPP!!!!
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