Cryomarkers - where can i buy them??

Sara Carlisle carlisls at
Tue Feb 13 13:32:38 EST 1996

kernan at (Rich Kernan) wrote:
>I worked in a molbio lab about 18 mos ago where we used thin black
>markers, sorta like sharpies to write on eppendorfs.  These said
>"cryomarker" on each pen.  These pens are excellent in that they are
>nearly 100% indelible even on those smooth .5ml tubes and wont wipe off
>with EtOH.  Does anyone know where to buy these.  The one i "liberated" is
>out of ink.  I have looked in Fisher and VWR to no avail.  If anyone is
>using them, plz let me know where u got them.         
>Rich Kernan
>Kernan at
>Dept of Microbiology
>University of Georgia
>Rich Kernan
>Dept of Microbiology 
>University of GA

Hi Rich

Try Thomas Scientific (1-800-345-2100).

I'm surprised you say that Cryomarkers are ethanol-insoluble, 
though, since I routinely wipe off mistakes with ethanol.

Good luck,


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