extracting dna from agarose (re: which kit...)

jane staunton staunton at THALAMUS.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Feb 13 18:04:01 EST 1996

> On a related theme, does anyone have any idea what the QX 1 buffer is
> in the
> Qiaex kit? My guess would be that the resin is a silicate (like those
> previously discussed) and that the buffer contains denaturants. Would
> these be
> sufficient to denature the gel to get the DNA out of the agarose?
> My other guess is that the PE buffer is basically 70% alcohol, maybe
> containing some precipitant.
> Any comments?
> ..David Martin
> (a novice molecular biologist who doesn't like spending money on kits
> that he
> could spend on something else)

definitely spend your money on something else
why extract the dna at all? 
ligate fragments directly in gel slices
it work great and saves time too
if there's a lot of agarose, you probably should dilute the ligation 
prior to transformation
(i don't have a good reference, but if you need more details, e-mail 

labelling should also work fine in gel slices


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