competent bacteria

Simon Dawson Simon.Dawson at
Wed Feb 14 03:58:00 EST 1996

Gregg B Wells wrote:
> We have very good results with the method described by Inoue, Nijima and
> Okayama, "High efficiency transformation of Escherichia coli with
> plasmids," Gene 96: 23-28 (1990).  Calcium and manganese (i.e. Mn2+)

This isn't going to say much except to endorse what Gregg said. I was using a 
method which gave ~10^7 cfu/ug and the first time I tried the Inoue method (not 
even being very careful with it either), I got 5x10^8 cfu/ug. We grew our cells at 
25C as well. One good thing is that you get _lots_ of aliquots from a culture of a 
few hundred mls of bacteria.



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