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Today's listing from Montreal.

Job Listing #3: 

Ph.D. Project involving Mouse Transgenics

Dr. Hans H. Zingg, M.D., Ph.D 

Royal Victoria Hospital 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Project description: 

Dr. Hans has one MRC studentship voucher for which he can 
guaranteed a 5-year MRC
studentship to a qualified student of his choice. 

Areas of research

1.      Production of an oxytocin receptor knock-out mouse

2.      Molecular mechanisms controlling oxytocin receptor gene 

3.      Oxytocin signalling mechanisms

Recent publications: 

   1.Uterine oxytocin gene expression: I. Induction during 
pseudopregnancy and during the
     estrous cycle. Endocrinology 134: 2556-2561, 1994. 

   2.Uterine oxytocin gene expression: II. Induction by 
exogenous steroid administration.
     Endocrinology 134: 2562-2566, 1994. 

   3.Structure, characterization and expression of the rat 
oxytocin receptor gene. Proc. Natl.
     Acad. Sci. USA 92: 200-204, 1995. 

   4.Establishment, characterization and co-culture of 
non-transformed cell lines derived from
     rat endometrial epithelium and stroma. In Vitro Cellular 
and Develpmental Biology 31:
     140-148, 1995. 

   5.Oxytocin and oxytocin receptor gene expression in the 
uterus. In: "Recent Progress in
     Hormone Research", 50th Laurential Hormone Conference, 
Academic Press, San Diego,
     Vol. 50, pp. 255-273, 1995. 


     Ph.D. Postion 

          Qualifications: B.Sc. with solid background in 
molecular and cellular biology. B.Sc.
          in Biochemistry is an advantage, but high achievment 
in any allied field will also be
          considered favorable. g.p.a.: 3.5 of higher. 

To Apply:

For further information please contact: 

Hans H. Zingg, M.D., Ph.D. 

E-mail: zingg at 

Tel: (514) 843 1553 

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