Blatant Selling of Myself!

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Wed Feb 14 11:12:15 EST 1996

HI netters,

time has come for me to look for a job/postdoc for when I finish my Ph.D.
-expect to be finished August at the latest.

I am well versed in molecular biological techniques, and could apply my vast
array of skills in any company/institution. My interest at the moment is
regarding neuronal gene regulation, but I also have interests in gene therapy,
bioinformatics, and developing the internet as a tool for scientists. More
info about my current research project can be found on my home page. 

I am very experienced in using the internet. This skill could be used in
many ways within a company or within an educational environment. In fact, I have given a seminar at Boston University School of
Medicine on how scientists can use the internet for data analysis/finding
information. This would be useful to many companies as well as institutions and get great pleasure and pride teaching people such skills.

An outdated curriculum vitae can be found at

I am in the process of updating this WWW page and will forward an updated
hard copy to any parties interested. 

I would love to stay in the Boston area or vicinity since I now have family
ties in this area and do not wish to disrupt my wife's newly established

Feel free to email me or phone me at the below contact address.

Martin Leach

.....          Martin Leach                Email:leach at
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(BULLDOZER) \_ Boston MA 02118            "Not the old underpants
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