Blatant Selling of Myself!

martin LEACH leach at
Thu Feb 15 16:29:43 EST 1996

Have you tried reading these newsgroups?

I have. seems to be filled with computer science related and not
molecular biology related jobs. has not offered me
anything of interest.

there is no newsgroup

therefore hit the required target audience. bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts where
several people have already forwarded several good leads to me. This would not
have been acheived by posting to or since I
believe these individuals do not frequent these newsgroups.

In future before you 'nag' about wasting bandwidth you should consider the
options I had at hand...or just email me.

Martin Leach

: Sorry to nag like this, but as far as I see this posting was neither about
: nethods nor reagents.  You know about the newsgroups and
: don't you?  I know posting to the widely read
: metds-reagnts group will be much more effective but ....!

: I hope you find a job anyway

: Zophonias

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