luciferase vectors

Mark R. Miglarese miglaresemr at
Thu Feb 15 16:36:24 EST 1996

I don't know about a commercial supplier, but you can ask Dr. Bernhard 
Luscher at the Institut fur Molekularbiologie in Hannover, Germany.  He 
made a series of plasmids using the minimal herpesvirus tk promoter 
upstream of luciferase for studying transactivation by c-Myb.  My former 
advisor (Dr. Tim Bender, Dept of Microbiology at the Univ of Va) should 
also have it, but we originally got it from Bernhard and you may need 
permission from the source (although I don't see why). Make sure you 
request the construct without inserted MREs (Myb Response Elements).  

Good luck.

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