Re- Pre-hyb in ISH

Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.IDDE.SACI.ORG
Fri Feb 16 13:07:13 EST 1996

Subject:Re: Pre-hyb in ISH                         Date: 2/16/96

Whether or not you pre-hyb in ISH may be based on the type of probe you are
using.  If you have a clean, specific probe you would not need to pre-hyb,
but if your probe is not very clean, or has a lot of repetitive sequence in
it, pre-hybing can "clean-up" your signal.
We generally pre-hyb our FISH probes 37 C for 30 min because they contain a
lot of repetitive sequence.  Pre-hybing gives us a better signal.

Hope that helps,
Brett Beitzel
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