Help with He sparging of HPLC solvents

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Fri Feb 16 21:33:15 EST 1996

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> Folks,
> I use helium sparging in our HPLC solvents to degas.  I have yet to find  
> good text explaining exactly how this works.  Does anyone out there know
> of good documentation on He sparging of solvents?  If not does anyone  
> of any more chemistry/chromatography related newsgroups?
> Tx
> Judith Finlay

Why don't you use an in-line degasser and conserve the irreplaceable He we  
have remaining here on earth.  I believe that a recent NSF report  
suggested greater conservation should be pursued since He will become even  
more important for research purposes in the years ahead.

Enough of the soapbox lectures.  I believe that the He atoms are supposed  
to knock loose the dissolved gasses.  Once this occurs, the atmosphere  
above the mobile phase becomes a pure He buffer to prevent further access  
to the mobile phase by gasses that are soluable.  He is not soluable, of  

But try a Waters in-line degasser, for example, or others that are readily  
available.  We think they're great!  And then there is no danger in this  
earthquake country of a He tank falling over!
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