Using Resources - Apology.

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Feb 16 13:50:40 EST 1996

In article <4g21q1$fi9 at>, leach at (martin LEACH) wrote:
-->Hi netters,
-->I would like to apologise to anyone that was offended by me posting that I 
-->looking for a job. A have received several 'heated' responses by email so I
-->feel an apology is needed.
-->Martin Leach

And I feel like those "heated responses" are _ridiculous_. As you pointed out,
there is _no_ appropriate ng for biomol jobs. There isn't many job hunting
posts on b.m.m-r. Therefore, they can't be viewed as a sourse of noise in the
group (especially when keeping in mind that traffic is not really heavy). 
Folks, please, don't fight the problem that does not exist.

If there will be too many posts like yours, it will just indicate the need
for the separate group, which will be (I'm sure) immediately created. This is
the way usenet evolves. 

While I don't personally think usenet can help finding a really decent job, 
if anyone wants to give it a try - why not? 

- Dima

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