DNA Synthesizer info wanted

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Fri Feb 16 17:35:51 EST 1996

Hi stefan,

I'd first ask...what is your need for it....?

If it is for generating an oligo  here annd there for pcr, sequencing, cloning
etc... I'd highly recommend you buy your oligos (i believe we get our oligos
from genosys nowadays for less than 2$/base......) - we only use our ABI
synthesizer for special synthesis with modified nucleotides.

However, a cheaper machine would be the ABI/Perkin Elmer PCR
Benchmate....single column machine...you have to cleave the oligo of the colu manually...

Furthermore, I'm on an automated-sequencing mailing list and they frequently
post for sale notices on this......to join this list contact I believe you
the message 

subscribe automated-dna-sequencing
         to mailbase at mailbase.ac.uk

good luck


Stefan J Kley (100414.220 at compuserve.com) wrote:
: A colleague of mine asked me to look for some information on DNA
: synthesizers. They have about $10.000 to spend - is there something
: available in this price range? And if so, who are the manufacturers?

: Thanks in advance for your responses -

: Stefan

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