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>> Greetings!!
>> Does anyone have/know of a luciferase vector that contains the TK promoter 
>> rather than the SV-40 promoter (ie. Promega's PGL2- uses SV40 as a 
>> minimal promoter, but we'd like to replace it with the TK promoter for 
>> our system). We are desperate!! Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> -- Heidi
>Although I don't have such a vector to send you, you could engineer one
>without too much time or effort. First, get ahold of Clontech's pTKbeta
>and digest with Sal1. Fill in the ends with Klenow and then digest with
>Bgl2. After gel isolation of the 933 bp TK promoter fragment, ligate to
>Bgl2/Sma1 digested pGL2 or pGL3 from Promega. Hope this helps - all the
>standard disclaimers apply.
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How about pT81Luc?  This is available from ATCC.  It is described completely
in an article in Biotechniques (sorry, I can't remember which one).  You should
look at the reference, because it actually describes 2 or 3 derivatives with 
different TK promoter fragments.  I think it might be this:

Nordeen SK.                                                                
  Luciferase reporter gene vectors for analysis of promoters and enhancers.
Biotechniques, 1988 May, 6(5):454-8.                                       

Good luck,

Benjamin Braun

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