Alternative Methods for Preparing Lifts

pmmcnutt at pmmcnutt at
Sat Feb 17 14:38:12 EST 1996

I was hoping to get a discussion going that presents 
alternatives to the standard (ie, red book or Maniatis) protocols 
for denaturing, neutralizing and equilibrating colony and plaque 
lifts for hybridizations. I understand some labs use a blast 
technique where they can do 50 filters at a time (VERY rapidly) and 
involves an autoclave, but that is all I know. If anyone has 
alternative protocols or suggestions that are as effective but less 
tedious and time consuming, and are so inclined, please post those. 
Finally, for all those out there who prefer to stick to tried and 
true, please don't flame me for just researching alternatives! 
     I will attempt to collate and repost the responses to the 
newsgroup for any who are interested.

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