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Sat Feb 17 13:54:53 EST 1996

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   zjons at (Zophonias O. Jonsson) wrote:
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->> And I feel like those "heated responses" are ridiculous. As you pointed out,
->> there is _no_ appropriate ng for biomol jobs. There isn't many job hunting
->> posts on b.m.m-r. Therefore, they can't be viewed as a sourse of noise in 
->> group (especially when keeping in mind that traffic is not really heavy). 
->> Folks, please, don't fight the problem that does not exist.
->> If there will be too many posts like yours, it will just indicate the need
->> for the separate group, which will be (I'm sure) immediately created. This 
->> the way usenet evolves. 
-> does indeed exist and I counted 99 actual postings
->there.  I am not sure if it is an effective way to find a job, but the
->group is there and it seems to be very appropriate for biomol jobs.

Wait, did you look at posts? At best, 30% there really belongs to biomol!
(O.K., thet's _my_ opinion). 

->all the posts there were posted to this group I think it would be at least
->a small problem.  Let's face it, there's a lot of young people looking for
->jobs out there and until now they have not posted to methds-reagnts.  If
->people generally want postings like this it's fine, but that should at
->least be discussed.  I would vote against it.  Let's stay focused.

100% agree here. Should be discussed. I would vote pro unless strictly moderated 
* (or something like this) is created. 



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