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> Greetings!!
> Does anyone have/know of a luciferase vector that contains the TK promoter 
> rather than the SV-40 promoter (ie. Promega's PGL2- uses SV40 as a 
> minimal promoter, but we'd like to replace it with the TK promoter for 
> our system). We are desperate!! Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> -- Heidi


Although I don't have such a vector to send you, you could engineer one
without too much time or effort. First, get ahold of Clontech's pTKbeta
and digest with Sal1. Fill in the ends with Klenow and then digest with
Bgl2. After gel isolation of the 933 bp TK promoter fragment, ligate to
Bgl2/Sma1 digested pGL2 or pGL3 from Promega. Hope this helps - all the
standard disclaimers apply.

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