Can DTT be substituted by DTE ????

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>Does any body know what the difference is in using DTT
>or DTE? Are they similar enough to be substituted 
>in most reactions? If not, why?
>Any help is welcome.
>A. Janke
>Please mail your answer also to my address, so
>that I do not miss it. Thanx
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The commonly used Cleland's reagent is the racemate 1,4-dithio-DL-threitol:

		       H OH                          HO H
		       | |                            | |
		HS-CH2-C-C-CH2-SH              HS-CH2-C-C-CH2-SH
		       | |                            | |
	    	      HO H                            H OH

DTE is the _meso_ compound, with no optical activity, 1,4-dithio-erythritol:

				HO OH
				 | |
			         | |
                                 H H

I think that they have the same effectiveness in keeping the sulfhydrile
groups of the protein in the reduced state, but did not carry out any
detailed study. I have compared their properties as substrates in the
enzymatic reduction of methionine-sulfoxide, and found no differences.
But that was a very special situation.
I remember that the 1,4-dithio-L-threitol is available, but have no idea as
to whether it is required for special purposes.
BTW, consider the difference in the price!


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