Help: Degree of Differentiation

Rachmat Hidajat rhidaja at
Mon Feb 19 19:47:39 EST 1996

Currently I'm analyzing data of transfected cell lines (C-33A, G-401, HeLa, 
and human foreskin fibroblast). The degree of differentiation of the cell 
lines may be one variable affecting the transfection results.
Could somebody tell me the degree of differentiation of those cell lines, 
i.e., fibroblast is more differentiated than C-33A, G-401 is more 
differentiated than HeLa, and so on, so that I can rank the cell lines based 
on the degree of differentiation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Rachmat Hidajat
(rhidaja at

PS: Please reply by e-mail if possible, since I don't visit this newsgroup 

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