Smiles in agarose gels

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Tue Feb 20 08:44:06 EST 1996

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Pierre-Alexandre) writes:

>Unfortunately, I always get this "smile" that bends all the bands and 
>makes the gel analysis much more complicated. The gels are 1,5%, and I've 
>tried different voltages from 20 to 80 volts, and although I noticed that 

If you aren't recirculating buffer, you might try this.  Buffer does get
depleted during gel runs.
Check your electrodes--are they full width of your cell?  short electrodes
could concentrte current in the center of lyour gel to give you a smile.

Walt Schick

PS  the super cell of Hoefer (Pharmacia) has cooling as well as recirculation
and gives flat patterns for RFLP and RAPD,  you might try to get a demo from
Hoefer distributor in canads.  Owl and Jordan also offer nice recirculating

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