Ethidium bromide and clothes

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>>>Can anyone help me please.  I spilt 0.5x TBE buffer containing Ethidium 
>>>Bromide (200mg in 2.5 litres) on myself the other day.   The jeans went into 
>>>the wash for a couple of cycles as soon as they could.  Does anyone know if 

>>   This problem came up a couple of months ago who posted a similar mishap,
>>and the best solution was .... toss the jeans. A means t=
>>o remove ethidium bromide from solution is to mix with activated charcoal ...
>>the mutagen is bound to the carbon and the solution ca=
>I also contaminated an article of clothing once, in my case a brand new
>t-shirt from my vacation. I wasn't about to part with it, so I scrubbed it,
>and used a mild bleach solution, recalling the use of hypochlorite in

(omitted stuff here and there)

I would think that the ethidium bromide would be removed by a wash in 
alcohol (e.g. ethanol, get the cheapest brand).  This is rather like the 
effect of butanol extractions of CsCl bands:  The ethidium partitions in 
the alcohol phase.  After that, a thorough washing and line-dry in the 
sun should do the trick.

Daniel Kim
just my opinion . . . no  I don't have any data on it.  :)

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