How much bis-acrylamide in aa-gel

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>Last week we made an acrylamide gel with acrylamide:bisacrylamide 
>This high amount of bisacryleamide should have been good for 
resolution but
>all we could see was a white gel - like milk !?!?!?
>Perhaps hte recipe is wrong.
>Thanks, Dirk Mueller

Exactly how much of each reagent did you use? The 30:4 usually means 
30% total acrylamide (acrylamide + bisacrylamide) of which 4% of the 
total is bisacrylamide. So you should be weighing out 28.8 g 
acrylamide/100 ml and 1.2 g bisacrylamide/100 ml.

I know you can get this into solution. In fact, I use Schagger and von 
Jagow's Tricine gels for which the stock solution is 49.5%T, 6%C :)

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