Blatant Selling of Myself!

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Tue Feb 20 16:40:30 EST 1996

If only I can figure out how to use martin leach in the how to get a job 
protocol....i'll be a made man...



Szatmari George (szat at ERE.UMontreal.CA) wrote:
: In article <zjons-1502960922540001 at> zjons at (Zophonias O. Jonsson) writes:
: >In article <4ft1kv$n5p at>, leach at (martin LEACH) wrote:
: >
: >> time has come for me to look for a job/postdoc
: >
: >Sorry to nag like this, but as far as I see this posting was neither about
: >nethods nor reagents.  You know about the newsgroups and
: > don't you?  I know posting to the widely read
: >metds-reagnts group will be much more effective but ....!
: >
: >I hope you find a job anyway
: >
: >Zophonias
: >_____________________________________________________________________

: The way I see it the method is "how to get a job"
: and the reagent is "Martin Leach"

: Good luck Martin!

: -George

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