Lambda DNA prep.

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> Hi to everybody!!
> I'm working with a DASH II-library and struggle with the normal technique of 
> DNA prepping, like DNase/RNase, PEG, Prot. K, SDS, EtoH.
> Is there a fast and reliable method to get good DNA (quality and
quantity) out 
> of these little ********??
> I have to check many of them, so if it is fast, it would be preferred.
> Thanks for any suggestion,
> Martin

I used to use a fairly simple prep which I haven't seen anywhere else

1.5 ml overnight liquid lysate into an eppendorf and microfuge
Transfer 0.8 ml to a new tube and make 1µg per ml DNAse
Incubate at room temperature for 15 min
Add 0.2 ml of TES (Tris 50 mM pH 8.0; EDTA 10 mM; SDS 5%) 
Incubate at 70 deg C 15 min
Cool on ice and add 0.15 ml 8M K acetate
Microfuge then extract the supernatent with phenol-chloroform
Add isopropanol and recover the DNA precipitate

Hope it helps

Robin Beech
Institute of Parasitology

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