Transfection efficiency and cell cylce

martin LEACH leach at
Tue Feb 20 18:32:04 EST 1996

Would be good if synchronizing the cells helped transfection...

but think about it...

1. primary cell culture (or even worse...a cell line) both are pretty far
removed from the original organism/tissue.

2. synchronizing the cells with some nasty chemical/shock ....will make them
even less like the cell you want...

just my 2 cents...

I prefer the viral attack can get some high
transfection/infection efficiences with those...even in some pretty resistant
cells...(never tried it myself...just seen/talked/read about it)


Volker Blaschke (vblasch at wrote:
: Dear fellow researchers,

: I wonder if anyone has done a study investigating transient transfection 
: efficiency dependence on cell cycle.
: The idea is that maybe transfection efficiency is higher when cells are 
: in certain phases of the cell cycle than in others. Would it make sense 
: to synchronize cells before transfection?

: Thanks for your help,

:    Volker

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