Postdoc Salaries?

Ljubica Bogic lubi at halia
Tue Feb 20 13:50:16 EST 1996

Postdock salary should be much more than $20,ooo/year. It is from 28 ooo 
minimum up to 36 ooo, depending on experience and what year of postdock 
(first or much more...!!!)

On 17 Feb 1996, John W. Adams, Ph.D. wrote:

> I am currently interviewing for different postdoc positions at UCSF, 
> Stanford and UC San Diego.  What should I expect in the way of total 
> salary working in molecular biology based laboratories with NIH training 
> grant funding.  I assume NIH postdoc stipends are in the neighborhood of 
> $20,000... and I also assume it is up to the individual PI's to 
> supplement the stipend with his/her other grant funding.  Is this 
> correct?

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