E.coli strain availability?

Tom Dougherty Doughert at synapse.bms.com
Fri Feb 16 10:28:05 EST 1996

In article <31202473.6200 at lfc.edu>, "Michael R. Frank" <frank at lfc.edu> says:
>I'm teaching a genetics/molbiol course, and I had planned to do a 
>few experiments from Miller's "Experiments in Molecular Genetics" 
>(1972 Cold Spring Harbor Press). I had assumed most of the bacterial 
>strains were standard, readily available, etc. Turns out not to be 
>the case. Apparently there is no easy mechanism to get CSH strains 
>(such as those listed in the book as CSH57, CSH61, CSH62) from CSH, 
>and no good crossreference to ATCC strains (although some could 
>probably substitute...). I do have queries in to both places, but no 
>reply yet.
>Michael R. Frank

A good source would be the E. coli Genetic Stock Center at Yale
University.  They have a web page and you can perform searches
using genotypes.  This would allow you to perhaps find
strains that are equivalent.  The other possibility is CSH itself,
as they have a new strain kit that goes along with the updated
Miller book "A short course in Bacterial Genetics".  The 44 strains
can be purchased directly from CSH.  They cover most of the
exercises in the manual.
                                           Tom Dougherty

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