Maleic acid buffer: Help me make it

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>> Subject: Maleic acid buffer: Help me make it
>> Date: 15 Feb 1996 15:09:12 GMT
>> Am I an idiot? What am I missing? What are they doing differently?
>> Thanks,
>> Scott

>Hi, Scott.
>No! You a no more idiot than people at BM. You only miss one thing. They,
>i.e. people at BM, had never ever made 1M maleic acid buffer, pH 7.5.
>If you`ll read carefuly p80 of BM catalogue (1996) "Genius Wash and Block Buffer Set"
>you`ll see that products they sell are 10x solutions in respect to anything, but are
>1x solution in respect to maleic acid buffer. They even sell 1x buffer to dilute their
>10x stock solutions!

>So, do ahead, prepare all solution yourself using 0.1 M maleic acid, pH 7.5, but 10x with
>respect to other components, and then additionaly preparte a lot of 0.1 M maleic
>acid, pH 7.5 to dilute those 10x solutions.

>I can assure you that 0.1 M maleic acid solution with pH 7.5 could be easy prepared.
>I did it. Essentialy as described.


After calling B-M's tech support, I found out the same thing.  A 10 X
solution is 0.1M

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