Desperately seeking mini "Euro" tissue grinders

Michael Bausher mbausher at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Wed Feb 21 10:14:07 EST 1996


Thanks for the reply  -- we have looked at the Kontes grinders and we use 
ones like it for other  techniques.  I called Kontes and they do not have 
the ones I need.   The beauty of the grinders I discribed in my message 
is that the pestle can be suspended over the morter part by placing a 
small Allen wrench or rod through the handle and centrifuging the whole 
unit, all the sample is recovered with minimum dilution.

Thanks again,

Michael Bausher
On Wed, 21 Feb 1996 
WSchick at wrote:

> In a message dated 96-02-20 17:02:00 EST, mbausher at (Michael
> Bausher) writes:
> >> Someone some time a long time ago left us some dandy disposable tube 
> >> tissue grinders which were suppose to made in "Europe".  They are a 1.5 ml
> >> conical tube with a grinding head which is driven by a 3-5 mm hexagonal 
> >> wrench.  The best thing about these grinders is that they had holes 
> >> drilled through the grinding head which allowed the suspension of the 
> >> grinding head over the tube while centrifuging.  This allows total sample 
> >> recovery.  If you  know where in this galaxy to obtain these "Euro 
> >> grinders" 
> Kontes in Vineland NJ makes disposable grinders, and they are well known to
> be happy to discuss new modifications for their glassware and tissue grinding
> equipment.
> Fax is 609-692-3242,   ph 609-692-8500   sorry, don't know email.
> Walt Schick

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