Hypoxia chamber?

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Wed Feb 21 15:39:41 EST 1996

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> Our lab would like to purchase a hypoxia chamber, and I'd be interested in
> anyone's personal experiences with this type of incubator in their labs. 
> Any info on vendors  etc. would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

In the past I've worked with a Forma ANEOROBIC glove box.  The system
worked very well for generating complete anoxia.  It utilized palladium
catalysts to remove any trace oxygen contaminants introduced either by the
N2/C02 gas mix used or during entrance/exit through the interchange.  I
would recommend cycling the airlock several times before opening the inner
door.  For hypoxic conditions  this chamber might work by utilizing a
custom O2 gas mix and removing the palladium catalysts.

sde at mit.edu

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