Monovalent streptavidin

Wed Feb 21 15:02:09 EST 1996

> R Hanemaaijer wrote:
> > Hi netters,
> > Avidin or streptavidin have a high affinity for biotin. A mature
> > (strept)avidin molecule is multivalent, since it has four biotin
> > binding sites.
> > We are looking for monovalent streptavidin. Does anybody know if
> > there's a company that sells such a molecule. A second question
> > is: Does anybody know if mono- or multivalent streptavidin can be
> > or has been produced in prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression
> systems?

I'm afraid extreme conditions, 6M guanidine.HCl, are required to 
dissociate the avidin tetramers into monomers. Streptavidin is even more 
resistant to dissociation than avidin. 

Streptavidin can be prepared by growing S. avidinii, see Edward A. Bayer, 
Haya BEN-HUR, Yaffa HILLER and Meir WILCHEK, Postsecretory modifications 
of streptavidin, Biochem. J. (1989) 259, 369-376 for details.

Mark Burton

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