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Wed Feb 21 14:25:22 EST 1996

     Dr. Murray and colleagues,
     Stratagene technical services does have a policy of replying to 
     quesions either e-mailed or faxed to us within 24 hours of our 
     receipt. If we do not have an immediate answer, we do send an 
     acknowledgement of the question to the sender, letting them know we 
     are working on their problem.  Occasionally we do experience delays in 
     receipt due to problems with network servers along the line.  Please 
     rest assured that once your messages arrive they are given our full 
     If you have any problems or have not received a response from 
     Stratagene, please call us and let us know so we can begin working on 
     your question and investigate any delays as soon as possible.
     Liz Caetta
     Stratagene Technical Services

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: PSG5vector
Author:  bernard at (Bernard Murray) at Internet-Mail
Date:    2/20/96 6:11 PM

In article <9601198247.AA824754906 at>, 
liz_caetta at says...
>     We will be happy to provide the sequence for the pSG5 vector via 
>     e-mail at no charge.  Please send requests to 
>     tech_services at
>     Liz Caetta
>     Stratagene Technical Services
I've tried this in the past and been *promised* "return-of-post" 
and received absolutely NOTHING.  In the end I just found it easier 
to download all of the sequences from the Stratagene BBS
(alas, not a 1-800 number).  Hopefully Stratagene will cure this 
when/if they get their internet connection sorted out.
I would have preferred to be referred to the BBS in the first place 
rather than being promised something that wasn't delivered.
Just to maintain a balanced view...  I ordered the sequence diskette 
from Promega thinking that this would save download time.  Alas,
a) Only in 5.25" format (low density, of course) 
b) Horribly out of date (no pGL3 vectors etc.)
c) Strange format for the sequences so that the only recourse
   was text editing to extract them
d) Two files that had been truncated (missing the last line) 
ie. Overall, pretty much a wasted order.
 I emailed Promega and asked if the diskette had been updated
and politely suggested that it was time that they did so and have 
never received any kind of reply.
These tech email addresses look good on paper but at times I think 
its the electronic equivalent of being put on hold when on the 
telephone.  I think it would be good if they would at least
send back a "we have received your message" acknowledgement
to prove that tech at is not directed to /dev/null
 Keep up the *human* technical support!
Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

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