Maleic acid buffer: Help me make it

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Wed Feb 21 16:49:01 EST 1996

In Article <1996Feb19.181006.17087 at>, bernard at
(Bernard Murray) wrote:
>As a fellow DIG user thank you to all those that have posted working
>recipes.  However, I have to ask why this particular buffer is
>recommended for this particular system?  I've bought the DIG components
>that I needed separately (labelling kit, antibody, substrate) and
>so have never used the maleate buffer.  Instead I've been using Tris-
>buffered saline throughout (essentially as for Western blots with
>alkaline phosphatase labelled second antibodies) and the results
>seem just fine.  When lazy [;-)] I've also used PBS for washing and
>as long as I perform the final washes in phosphate-free buffer to
>stop inhibition of the AP this works as well.

>        Has anyone done a comparison of maleate with anything else?
>Maybe they intend this for Northern analysis and I suppose that
>unlike Tris you can treat maleate with DEPC.

I think you got it here.

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