RT-problem in RT-PCR

Thomas Kreuzer thomas.kreuzer at BALU.KFUNIGRAZ.AC.AT
Thu Feb 22 10:32:24 EST 1996

Hi, all you methods and reagents, 

I have already posted this under a more specific title,but so far I have 
received no responses. But I am sure that there is someone in this newsgroup 
who can help me with my little problem.
I am STILL looking for literature concerning the efficiency of reverse 
transcriptase when transcribing different mRNA targets.
I have found a paper by Berger et al. telling me that the reverse 
transcriptase works with an efficiency of 50 %  under optimal conditions i.e. 
only 50 % of input mRNA are transcribed into full-lenght cDNA , which answers 
question a) in my last posting  = ( How many cDNA copies can be produced for 
each molecule of mRNA in one hour of reverse transcription? )
But I did not find anything concerning question b): Can I assume that 
different mRNAs are transcribed at the same rate when using oligo-p(dT) 
primers or can there be differences in the transcription rate due to 
sequential or structural differences ?
It is quite important for me to get an answer to that question and I am sure 
that some quantitative-RT-PCR-guru in this newsgroup knows it. So if you have 
literature references , personal experiences or opinions , please send me an 
email or post to this newsgroup.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Kreuzer
Inst.f. Biochemistry
University of Graz 

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