Epitope Tagging Suggestions Wanted

Wayne Duck wayne-duck at phy164.physiology.uab.edu
Thu Feb 22 14:50:03 EST 1996

A. John Watson wrote:
> I am planning to epitope tag one of my favorite receptors and am wondering
> what systems have people found to be particularly reliable/unreliable with
> respect to (a) choice of tag sequence and
> (b) source of anti-tag antibody.
> I am aware of Brian Kobilka's Anal. Biochem. paper recommending the FLAG
> tag and anti-FLAG antisera from Eastman Kodak.
> All responses appreciated.  Will post tabulated responses for the dining
> and dancing pleasure of all


   We have found the HA tag to work very well for our purposes.  The 
antibody is anti-HA 12CA5 clone.
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