BrdU in immunoflourescence

A.S. aschoen at
Fri Feb 23 15:47:49 EST 1996

Hi.  This may seem like a strange message, but:

On 1/16/96, I received a return email from Steve at in 
response to a question involving BrdU staining in immunoflourescence in 
tissue culture cells.  Unfortunately, I was unable to email back at the 
address given.  I needed to find out these questions:

After fixing and washing cells, how long must you incubate with NaOH 
(RT) in order to partially denature the DNA (to allow anti-BrdU antibody 
to gain access)?  Do you dilute the NaOH with PBS, water, or something 

If anyone can help, please contact me.  In addition, if anyone knows how 
to contact Steve, please let him know that I would like to contact him.


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