Differential Display

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Fri Feb 23 13:56:22 EST 1996

In <Dn8Cn4.C23 at liverpool.ac.uk>, mut413 at liverpool.ac.uk (Dr N.J. Doyle) writes:
>Does anyone have any comments or recommendations about any successful
>methods of differential display they would be willing to share?
>DR Noel Doyle
>mut413 at liv.ac.uk
I have never done DD-PCR, so a with a grain of NaCl, some things I've heard:

The big problem seems to be reproducibility of low-stringency PCR.  To that
end, run a number of duplicate samples and pick only consistent bands.  A
really good PCR machine with well-to-well temperature consistency is key 
(PEC model 9600 was reccommended to me) -- 0.5 deg. C matters.

Good luck,

Benjamin Braun

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