Removing Phenol from Protein Fraction

Flip Hoedemaeker fhoedem at
Fri Feb 23 13:31:00 EST 1996

Philip P Calvert wrote:
> I've been given an extract of a mixed culture of methanogenic bacteria and
> have been asked to clean it up.  The extract presumably contains protein.
> (..) A big problem is that the
> extract contains about 45% phenol (the rest is water).  Is there a simple,
> straight-forward way to get rid of the phenol? 

It would surprise me if there were a lot of proteins there, they usually are
insoluble in water/phenol. 

You can wash the phenol out of the water by simply doing a chloroform wash, 
but then you are absolutly certain the you'll precipitate any protein that's
still there. May be that's all the proof you need. Have you looked for sugar
complexes? I think extracting (lipo)polysaccharides with water/phenol is commom
practice, havn't done it myself though.....


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