Problems with Qiagen Maxipreps?

Richard Daines rdaines at
Fri Feb 23 21:03:16 EST 1996

jovermeyer at wrote:
> Has anyone had a problem recently using Qiagen Maxi's for transfection??? We
> have been using this system for 2 years now, with OK results, and in the last 2
> months we have had about 10 maxipreps that yielded DNA that looked fine on
> agarose gel, could be sequenced, but could not be transfected...this includes
> "re" maxi-preps of the SAME DNA that transfected successfully 2 months ago!!
> Have they changed their columns? I am almost ready to resort to CsCl.... Kathy

Since you are using the Maxi's I assume that you are making your own 
buffers, if this is true, have you check them?  Are you using the same E. 
coli host for these preps?   Is someone new doing the preps?  Have you 
asked Qiagen if there have been any reported problems with this lot of 
Richard J. Daines
Mystic, CT

rdaines at

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