DNA Isolation Kit

Shaun Tyler styler at HPB.HWC.CA
Sun Feb 25 15:10:07 EST 1996

I have tried the Clonetech kit as well as several other DNA isolation 
kits.  If you are just using the DNA for routine PCR I think any of them 
should be suitable.  I would let the cost/prep make your desicion on 
which one to use.  However if you plan on using it for other 
applications, such as Southerns, library construction or long PCR, you 
may want to reconsider using a kit.  Although they all claim to yeild 
high quality DNA (ie. high MW) I have found that the preps generally 
contain a considerable amount of degraded DNA.  In addition the yield of 
DNA you get is marginal for some applications (you better hope everything 
works the first time around or you'll be making new preps).

Shaun Tyler
DNA Core Facility
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
Health Canada

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